John Mellencamp's Official Video For Troubled Land

John Mellencamp was one of the best rock artists of the late 70's and 80's when he was pumping out hit after hit like Jack and Diane (Video), Hurts So Good (Video) and Pink Houses (Video). Lately, he's still been recording and releasing albums, but his music has become much more political in nature. Because of this, he hasn't enjoyed the type of success he used to on the charts, but he's at a point in his career where he doesn't have to worry about the charts. I'm sure he's made plenty of money over the years.

His last top ten hit in the U.S. was Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) from his 1996 Mr. Happy Go Lucky album. It peaked at #10 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts. Troubled Land is the second single from his latest album called Life, Death, Love and Freedom. The first single from the album was My Sweet Love (Watch Video), which peaked at #25 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts.

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