Rock Music News and Notes - Saturday, November 24, 2007 - Morissette to Be Honoured During Canadian Music Week - Article Excerpt - At the event, Canadian singer and songwriter Alanis Morissette will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for her accomplishments as well as a well-deserved spot in The Canadian Music Hall of Fame. - Exclusive: My Bloody Valentine Plans Digital Future - Article Excerpt - Legendary alternative act My Bloody Valentine plans to "do a Radiohead" when the Anglo-Irish quartet finally releases the follow-up to 1991's classic "Loveless," Billboard can reveal. "The plan is that they will release the album themselves via the Internet, but there will also probably be a vinyl release," the group's manager says. - Sony Ordered To Pay $5 Million In Meat Loaf Dispute - Article Excerpt - Sony Music must pay the founder of a small record company $5 million for failing to put his company's logo on reissues of Meat Loaf's iconic "Bat Out of Hell" album, a federal appeals court ruled. - David Brooks: Fragmentation Has Ruined Pop Music - Article Excerpt - On Feb. 9, 1964, the Beatles played on The Ed Sullivan Show. As Steven Van Zandt remembers the moment: "It was the beginning of my life." - New Album is Going Lenny's Way - Article Excerpt - Comeback or no, Kravitz is certainly inching his way back onto the cultural radar. Last Sunday, he performed his new single "I'll Be Waiting" at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. This Sunday, he'll headline the halftime show at the sold-out Grey Cup game at the Rogers Centre. - Hot Tracks of the Week Reviewed - EMMY THE GREAT – Gabriel. Captivating, melodic folk from a lady with a bewitching voice and a bright future. - How Green Day Has Redefined Punk Rock for a Wider Audience - Article Excerpt - Our listener question this week comes from Russia. Viacheslav wants to know about the rock group Green Day. This band is considered to have brought punk rock style music to a wider audience of listeners.

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