Rock Music News and Notes - Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - Lead Story - Van Halen Announce More 2008 Tour Dates, Return Visit to NY

Today's feature news story comes from RollingStone.com. If you grew up listening to the David Lee Roth version of Van Halen like me, then today's feature story should definitely get your blood pumping a little. With the recent success of their comeback tour, Van Halen have decided to add even more dates to their 2008 concert schedule. If you've never seen them play live, you've gotta check them out now since you never know how long this "reunion tour" will last.

To read the complete story, go to this page on RollingStone.com. Here's an excerpt from the article:With David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen somehow co-existing peacefully thus far, the sorta-reunited Van Halen will see if their luck can extend into next year as the band has announced more 2008 tour dates.

Other Stories Making News Today:

  • Hawthorne Heights Guitarist Dies - Article Excerpt - Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert was found dead on the band's tour bus in Washington, DC this weekend. He was 25 years old. Details of his death are as yet unknown, but it is believed to be related to acute asthma.
  • Slash Loves South American Hookers - Article Excerpt - While in Britain promoting his new autobiography, former Guns N' Roses guitarist and current Velvet Revolver axeman Slash was disappointed during a visit to a London strip club. Said Slash, "I've seen everything so this club is dull. If you want a real stripper, you get a hooker. The girls in South America are best, because they will do anything you like!"
  • Marilyn Manson Will Attempt World Record - Article Excerpt - Marilyn Manson wants to break the world record for sharing a bath with snakes. Manson, , who is famous for his peculiar obsessions with death and taxidermy, wants to beat the current record by "Texas Snakeman" Jackie Bibby. Bibby currently holds the world record by bathing with 87 rattlesnakes for 45 minutes.
  • Adler Pulls an Adler and Nixes Tour At Last Minute - Article Excerpt - European fans were once again disappointed by Steven Adler as the former Guns N' Roses drummer pulled out of a tour at the last minute. At least this time he didn't get to Europe and decide to fire the entire band a few shows into the tour. The reason given for the last minute cancellation is health/personal issues. Rumors suggest that he refused to board the plane, but we could not confirm that.
  • Boston Rockers Extreme Plot Comeback - Article Excerpt - Boston rock quartet Extreme, which broke up back in 1996, has announced plans for a 2008 world tour that will support the group's first new studio album in 13 years.
  • Van Halen Bulks UP 2008 Itinerary - Article Excerpt - With the cat now out of the bag about their plans to remain on the road next year, classic-rockers Van Halen are floating new dates for the impending tour leg as they continue to tackle their late-2007 itinerary.
  • Disturbed Frontman David Draiman Interviewed - Article Excerpt - Widely known for their single Down with the Sickness; Disturbed's frontman, David Draiman, took the morning off to give me a phone call to discuss their upcoming album and future plans for the band. Recording their fourth album, these guys have plans to come out stronger than ever in 2008.
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