Rock Music News and Notes - Sunday, November 25, 2007 - Marilyn Manson Accused of Buying Child's Skeleton, Human Skin Masks - Article Excerpt - Shock rock singer Marilyn Manson has been accused of squandering his band's profit on a child's skeleton and masks made of human skin. - Decapitated Singer Making Recovery - Article Excerpt - DECAPITATED singer Adrian "Covan" Kowanek is continuing his recovery from injuries sustained late last month in a road collision.. - Led Zep Reunion Hit by Old Classics' Problem - Article Excerpt - Led Zeppelin have been working on new arrangements of classic tunes ahead of their hugely anticipated comeback show next month - because frontman Robert Plant can't hit the high notes anymore. - Nickleback Singer Pleads Guilty to Driving Charge - Article Excerpt - Nickelback's Chad Kroeger pleaded not guilty to impaired driving and driving with a blood-alcohol level over 0.08 yesterday (November 22). - Amy Winehouse Pic - Grabs Boob During Concert - Article Excerpt - While performing on stage in Brixton, the strange singer grabbed for a boob out of the blue. So it came as a surprise to my snapper that she later couldn't hold on to a dodgy looking home-made cigarette. - Fall Out Boy to "Wild Things" Author: Oops, Sorry! - Article Excerpt - After completing nearly three-fourths of their current "Young Wild Things" tour, Fall Out Boy came to a startling realization: The tour’s artwork, inspired by the children’s story Where the Wild Things Are, had infringed on the rights of Maurice Sendak, the book’s author.

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